What are Building Regulations?

Building Regulations, as defined in the Building Act 1984, are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to the vast majority of buildings. Their purpose is to ensure buildings are safe, energy efficient and accessible for everyone in or about them. The regulations cover all types of building; domestic, commercial and industrial, and are updated and revised on a regular basis.

What is an Approved Inspector?

Approved Inspectors ensure that Building Regulations are complied with throughout a building project. They provide a private alternative to Local Authority Building Control, and have to undergo a rigorous approval process before being allowed to practice. They act as professional, specialist advisers on a project to guide developers safely through the regulations, and issue final certification.

If I engage an Approved Inspector, do I still need to deal with the Local Authority?

No. If you use an Approved Inspector they take on all responsibility for plan checking and inspection of your building work. The Approved Inspector will deal with the Local Authority on your behalf for as long as the initial notice is in force, issuing the initial notice and final certificate on completion.

You won’t have to pay any additional fees to the Local Authority and nobody from the Local Authority will visit your site.

Are Approved Inspectors more expensive than the Local Authority?

At DBL we keep our fees very competitive. It’s even often possible for us to offer lower fees than those of the Local Authority, especially on larger projects.

Are Building Regulations the same thing as Planning Permission?

No, they are completely different and many types of building work will require separate permissions for both of them. Building regulations are defined above. Planning permission is concerned with the way our towns, cities and countryside are developed. This includes building appearance, use of land and landscaping, highway access and the impact of development on the environment.

What type of building project do DBL Approved Inspectors undertake?

DBL’s operating licence means we can provide Building Regulation approvals for all work to which Building Regulations apply. We regularly undertake approvals on a wide range of domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings.

How do DBL Approved Inspectors ensure compliance on a building project?

We are involved throughout the project, from design stage to completion. We will check your plans comply with regulations and advise on steps you can to take to comply more cost-effectively. Throughout the work we will regularly attend your site and check that the work is being completed to the required standard. Once work is complete we will issue the Final Certificate of Building Regulations compliance.

Who makes sure that fire safety standards have been met?

Fire strategy development is part of our core service. A DBL Approved Inspector will take ensure all fire safety standards are met as part of the overall job. In most instances there is no need to engage any other specialist company to do this for you.

Can I use your services if work on my project has already started?

No. Current legislation means we have to be appointed before work begins. Our paperwork must be issued at least 5 working days before any work starts on site, so we need to be appointed at least one week ahead of your project's planned start date.